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Friday, 23 April 2021

Extract Tuya Local Key without IOT Platform


How to Extract Tuya Local Key and Setup in Simple Three Steps


  1. Windows System Min 4 GB Ram With Dual Core Processor 
  2. Tuya Device Register to Smart Life App 


  1. Nox Player : click here
  2. Smart Life App : click here
  3. ES File EXplore : click here
Note : If these link are not working then Just Google it and Download any of old smart life version and es file explore 


Three Steps 
  1. Extract Preference File 
  2. Extract Key and Device ID
  3. Setup in Home Assistent      

Extract Preference File 

  • Install Nox
  • Enable Root And Restart 
  • Install  Smart Life App (3.6.1)
  • Install ES File Explorer App
  • Setup  Smart Life App Login Using Credintial Used Before Setup Device

  • Open All Setup Devices and try to access then 

  • Now Close Smart Life App
  • Open ES File Explore App > tools > Enable Root Access

  • Go to Local > Device > Data > Data > com.tuya.smartlife > shared_prefs > preferences_global_keyeu15........49466f 
  • Open File as ES Note Editor 
  • Save as in Downloads Location 
  • Now Close ES File Explorer 
  • Go to Main menu of NOX 
  • Go to file Assistant 

  • open PC Folder and then go to Downloads 
  • Copy perferences_global file to Your Desk top 

Extract Key and Device ID

  • Obtain the preference file from an old version of the Smart Life App (3.6.1).

  • Install .net Core Runtime (If you haven't allredy). It's required to run the App.

  • Run the tool and set the Path to the file. This needs to be the full path (including filename and extension)

  • Use options 2, 3 and 4 to get the data you want

Download : 

TuyaKeyExtractor By Mark Watt Tech 

Watch Video For More Information

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