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Thursday, 16 January 2020

New RD Service and Drivers for Morpho 1300 E1/E2/E3

January 16, 2020 9

New RD Service and Drivers for 

Morpho 1300 E1/E2/E3

Hello , Agar Aaplogon ki Morph o Finger Print Kuch dino se kaam nahin kar rahi hai to aapko pata hona chahiye ki  Morpho ne apne Drivers or Rd Service ko update kar diya hais fr , agar aapko janana hai ki aapko kaise naye drivrs or rd service ko install karn ahai to aap is post ko pura dekh sakte hoon 

Requirements :-

  1. Morpho Device 
  2. Registered RD Service 
  3. PC With Windows  7,8,10
  4. Latest RD Service and Drivers Click here for Download 

Step By Step Installation :-

  • Connect Morpho Device in PC 

  • Uninstall Old Drivers

  1. Go to Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features
  2. Now Uninstall old Morpho Drivers and RD Service 

Agar aap Fresh Installation Kar rahe  hain to aap is step ko skip kar sakte 

  • Download Latest RD Service and Drivers 

Click Here For Downlaod Latest RD Service and Drivers 

  • Extract File 
Right Click on Downloaded file and then Click Extract All

Now Click On Extract

Now files are extracted 

  • Now Install 
click on setup 


  • Reboot PC
Now Restart PC

Thanks for Visit 

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Monday, 6 January 2020

Morpho Rd Service and Drivers Update Download

January 06, 2020 14

Morpho Rd Service and Drivers Update Download

Hello Friends Morpho ne apni Rd service or Drivers ok update kar Diya hai agar aap Sabi ok samasya aa rahi hai device ok chalane me to aap in Naye Drivers ok install kar lo

Dear State Teams,

Morpho Team has changed their RD service version for Windows. To download new Morpho RD service version, VLEs has to visit https://techshakya.com or Click on Link Given Below to download the new version of RD service.

Click here For Download Latest RD service with Drivers 

Mirror Link 

Use Mirror Link when other Link not works 

First, Uninstall older version of Morpho RD service from the System. To Uninstall Older version, Please follow the Steps Below :

1.   Go To Control Panel àProgram And Features

2.   Find Morpho RD Service Driver version and click on Uninstall.

3.   Then Select Morpho Smart USB 64 bits Driver and click on Uninstall.

4.   When Uninstallation is complete, Go To C: drive and delete Morpho, MORPHORDLOG and MorphoRdServiceL0Soft folders

To install the new version of RD service, Please follow the Steps below:

1.   Visit www.digipay.csccloud.in or https://rdserviceonline.com to download new version of RD service software. Click on Downloads link on website to download latest version of software on Desktop.

2.   Right Click on Windows_RD_Service_2.0.1.32 and click on Extract to Windows_RD_Service_2.0.1.32. A Windows_RD_Service_2.0.1.32 folder will be created.

3.   In Windows_RD_Service_2.0.1.32 folder, Right Click on MorphoRdserviceL0SoftUpdater and click on Run As Administrator.

4.   Morpho RD service setup will be install with all the necessary requirements.

5.   Plug your Morpho Device and wait until the device automatically shows the pop up message Device Registration Successfully

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